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#56 ding ding ding ding

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#324 Unexplained Hiatus #7

I’m just going to work, relax.

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#293 krrrk krrrrk krrrrk

After a few warm days I did not expect to find frost on my car this morning.  Make up your mind, season!

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#45 Oh for crying out loud

The dreaded surprise rainstorm on a warm spring night.

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#10 Free couch

Sarah described this amusing scene to me tonight.  She saw the ugliest couch in the world with a big “FREE” sign on it in someone;s yard.  Later on, she went back on the street and saw someone with the couch … Continue reading

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#328 Clouds in a car window

I was driving home today and noticed that the in the window of the car next to me, all I could see was the sky and those big puffy clouds.  It was really quite cool.

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#271 Snow

There was a very thin layer of snow on my car this morning.  I assumed it would just blow off as soon as I drove down the hill.  But instead, my rear window made this awesome pattern.  The snow kept … Continue reading

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