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#130 Toys

Sometimes it’s fun to color pages of your own things.

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#129 Cattails

In continuing with my series of coloring pages, here is a pond with cattails in front of it.

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#126 Tabby on a swing

This is one of my favorite drawings.  And I like this one better than the original because the perspective is a bit better. Although I ran out of room on this one–there’s a bit more background, which gives a bit … Continue reading

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#125 I See You

I particularly enjoyed drawing this one.  The kids really had no idea what was going on, but I thought it was pretty cool.  I think this one came out better than the original.

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#124 Doll on Chair

I really enjoyed using a big fat marker and drawing things around the house for the kids to color.  Although we don’t have a doll that looks like this, it was fun to imagine one on our kitchen chair for Tabitha … Continue reading

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#123 Log Flume!

While we were on vacation, I started drawing pictures for the kids to color in.  Sure, coloring books are neat, but it seemed like even more fun to draw pictures of things that we had done and to let them color them … Continue reading

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