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#62 Stingray

I love stingrays.  I love the touch a stingray exhibit at the aquarium, but I especially love just how creepy they are when they come sliding up the side of the tank and smile at you!

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#61 Get Lucky Sea Star

This weekend at the Aquarium, I saw a sea star (they’re not fish, you know) folded up on itself.  I said it looked like it was crossing its fingers.  When I started to draw that, it reminded me of this … Continue reading

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#60 Oh Snap

I read the title of this post at 365sketches and assumed it would be something like what I just drew.  He went in a totally different direction, but I stole his title anyway.

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#59 Smoker

This weekend we busted out the new smoker.  Yum!

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#58 Toasted Marshmallow

With a slightly charred bit.

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#57 Swimming Lessons Paid Off

Although neither of the kids can actually swim, swim, they both took a two week course and got their confidence way up.  Tabitha is diving off a diving board for crying out loud…no fear there.  Clark is a little more reserved, but he finally found the … Continue reading

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#56 Lightning Bug Evening

I let my neighbor’s dogs out tonight.  It was a gray overcast night (around 11PM).  The sky wasn’t midnight black, it was sort of gray.  And there was virtually no light in the yard.  So the trees were beautifully silhouetted. … Continue reading

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