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#340 Caught Up!

I don’t know how I did it…  I was 23 pictures behind but I powered through and now I am caught up!  But, oh it is 4 minutes until tomorrow.  Must go to sleep!

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#20 Lion

Perhaps I was attacked by a lion. (drawn 6/2)

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#19 Ocean

Perhaps it was a trip to the ocean. (drawn 6/2)

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#18 Hammock

Perhaps a much needed rest? (drawn 6/2)

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#17 Heat

Perhaps it was the unseasonable heat. (drawn 6/2)

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#16 Hiatus

For reasons that I’m unclear about, I stopped drawing for a few days.  Let’s call it a hiatus.  These drawings, done ex post facto (June 2), may offers clues as to the cause of the hiatus.

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