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#59 Close up

Chiseled jaw, scruff, slight grin, all check.  This reminds me of Raymond Pettibon.

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#19 Face

I find myself drawing random faces all the time.  But I don’t know if t hey ever actually look like real faces.

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#341 I have had a headache all day

It’s sinusy, and it’s killing me.

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#234 Extreme Close-up

Do you recognize yourself here?  DO you?

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#217 Obsolete Celebrity Photo

When I was a kid, Kiss would always try to hide their faces when they weren’t wearing makeup.  And in my head, there are tons of celebrity photos of just hands.  That doesn’t seem to be something that “famous” people … Continue reading

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#54 Contented people are much less interesting to draw

That’s why artists are always so temperamental.

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#39 Singer

Sometimes the pencil just takes over and before you know it, there’s a guy singing his heart out.  How about that.

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