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#154 Sketch (mountain pass)

This is a compromise sketch because I used color, so I feel a little better.  I realized that when doing these loose sketches, I don’t know what kind of lines to add.  I’m used to shading and crosshatching which are … Continue reading

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#153 Sketch (nude)

My inspiration for this site is also the inspiration for this picture.  Over at, John drew this very cool “sketch” of Jimmy.  I love this style of art, and it is completely not my style.  I seem to be … Continue reading

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#152 The Crocodile from Peter Pan

The Peter Pan love is getting out of control.  I don’t know what could be next…lost boys?  Mr Smee?  I mean, sure it’s funny copying Disney and all, but how about something new? That said, this is a pretty wild … Continue reading

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#151 Captain Hook

Because you can’t have all the good guys from Peter Pan and not include the bad guy, right? Now, all sing along with George Michael: “You’re a crook, captain hook.”

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#150 Wendy, Michael & John

Tabby was very pleased with Peter Pan.  And then she immediately said, “Where’s Wendy Michael & John.” Well, here’s they are.

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#149 Peter Pan

Tabitha enjoyed Tinkerbell this morning but quickly requested Peter Pan as well (but not Captain Hook, he’s bad). There was no way I could say no.

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#148 Tinkerbell

I could go into a huge litany about what I dislike about “Princesses” and how they affect girls. But if my son can love trucks and dinosaurs and pirates, then my daughter can lover princesses, and I’ll let all the … Continue reading

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