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#25 Egg

I am reading a book and the young girl lovingly carries an egg into the house.  I envisioned the picture being pastel and gauzy.  Shame it didn’t come out how I wanted it to.

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#17 Pick up that nail, Sir

I had drawn this image of a hand and decided it needed to pick something up.  So why not a nail.  Then, as I dressed the hand, I liked the idea of a royal velvet coat with fur sleeve.

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#10 Negative Hand

It’s disconcerting to draw white on black.

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#352 Writer’s Cramp

I assume no one gets writer’s cramp anymore.

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#339 Hand study

The scribbly/scratchy style allows for some nice textures.

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#285 A Couple (30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 24)


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#224 The Impatient Man

I had this idea of a grotesque hand in close-up.  A man tapping his fingers impatiently.  Then suddenly the finger looked like it had an eye in the middle of it and all hell broke loose.

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