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#32 Oof

I have never been kicked in the stomach, but I received news today that felt like it.  I actually felt a little nauseated all day.

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#11 I just can’t take it anymore…

Typical day at the office.

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#362 Curtains

Boy, our conference room is really drab, huh?

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#90 Content Specialist

My official job title is Content Specialist.  My boss explained to be that I should be  thinking about the quality of our content all the time.  So I drew this doodle on my white board at work (yes I have … Continue reading

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#88 The Pond at My New Job

A variety of things has prevented me from drawing lately, including but not limited to: a trip to Cape Cod and a new job.  The new job is in an office park with the above pond as a nice walking … Continue reading

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#87 Videoconference

My office has a super-cool videoconferencing system.  Techie!

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#43 My job

At a previous job, it was so slow, I drew a barcode in ball point pen and actually got the register to scan it once (you try it, it’s not easy).  So, here’s another bar code, one that I see … Continue reading

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