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#93 Jim Creeggan of Barenaked Ladies

We saw the Barenaked Ladies live last night   I always enjoy watching Jim Creeggan do some cool bass work on the upright.

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#92 Pencil (shades of gray)

Another pencil this time shaded as if done with pencil.

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#91 Pencil

I always like drawing pencils.  I don’t know why.  Sometimes it’s fun to do outlines and sometimes not.  This one: not.

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#90 Content Specialist

My official job title is Content Specialist.  My boss explained to be that I should be  thinking about the quality of our content all the time.  So I drew this doodle on my white board at work (yes I have … Continue reading

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#89 New Jersey Division of Watershed Management Logo

Today I saw an egret at the pond by my work.  It reminded me of this official logo of the NJDoWM.  I love egrets and t his has always been one of my favorite government logos.

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#88 The Pond at My New Job

A variety of things has prevented me from drawing lately, including but not limited to: a trip to Cape Cod and a new job.  The new job is in an office park with the above pond as a nice walking … Continue reading

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#87 Videoconference

My office has a super-cool videoconferencing system.  Techie!

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#86 For the dog who can’t make up his mind.

Instead of holding the door open, saying “in or out?” you could just strap this on him.

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#85 Hose

Something about the perspective of this is totally crazy.

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#84 A study in shading

Not as cool as I wanted (too much white outline), but still fun.

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