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#69 Tabitha

My little girl all bundled up.

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#276 Family Picture (30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 15)

I don’t often draw people, at least in sketches.  And I’m not sure if I’ve ever drawn Sarah before.  This picture is not based on any photo, it’s all from my head.  While I don’t think any of the faces … Continue reading

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#246 Happy New Year’s Eve

Tabitha wore one of Sarah’s sweaters as a sweater dress.  She was quite the hit.

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#245 Tabitha’s Unicorn

I told Tabitha I was going to draw her a picture (with her beside me).  She said “a unicorn.”  And I said but of course.  All details courtesy of her.

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#212 In the Bubble Wand

A very nice day meant one thing: bubbles!

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#201 Strabismus Surgery

Poor Tabitha had bi-lateral strabismus surgery today.  I cringe just thinking about it.

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#195 Gymnastics class

I got to take the kids to gymnastics class tonight.  It was amazing watching Clark flip on the uneven bars and super fun watching Tabitha jump on the long trampoline thingy.  Now I want to jump into a large pit … Continue reading

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