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#143 Talk Like a Pirate Day

How many pieces of eight did you have today?

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#293 Treasure Map!

When you see a pirate draw a treasure map on a piece of paper, you know what you have to do…  Wait till he leaves the room and then grab a pencil and shade the top page!

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#152 The Crocodile from Peter Pan

The Peter Pan love is getting out of control.  I don’t know what could be next…lost boys?  Mr Smee?  I mean, sure it’s funny copying Disney and all, but how about something new? That said, this is a pretty wild … Continue reading

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#151 Captain Hook

Because you can’t have all the good guys from Peter Pan and not include the bad guy, right? Now, all sing along with George Michael: “You’re a crook, captain hook.”

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#150 Wendy, Michael & John

Tabby was very pleased with Peter Pan.  And then she immediately said, “Where’s Wendy Michael & John.” Well, here’s they are.

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#140 Pirate Ship

Even though I’ve read a million picture books with pirates, I’ve no real idea what a pirate ship should look like.  Good thing I was focusing on the Jolly Roger.  As far as I can tell if you put the … Continue reading

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#112 Pictures from Our Vacuum (#25 Pirate Booty)

Clark is into pirates now (he’s five, you see).  And we bought all of these pirate coins.  You know they are pirate coins because they have a skull and crossbones on it, just like the booty that pirates stole! It’s … Continue reading

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