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#1 Basement flooding

And so begins the new year of A Daily Doodle.  The obvious change is the shape of the picture.  I am now going with a rectangle rather than a square.  I’d often thought of changing the shape of the picture … Continue reading

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#365 A year’s worth of doodles

One year ago tomorrow night I started doing drawings for this blog.  Some nights were really hard (brain freeze), but most nights were a joy.  *True, some nights I didn’t draw–I get home late on Wed. nights–but I always made … Continue reading

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#364 This Would Never Happen In Our House

We don’t even own a cookie jar.

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#363 i should really clean my monitor

As I was about to start drawing tonight, I noticed just how dirty and crud covered my monitor was.  So I traced all of the lines that appeared on the monitor.  Everything in black was dirt.  The blue is just … Continue reading

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#362 X-Ray Spex (goodbye Poly Styrene)

So just yesterday I decided to draw a word that began with X.  And then today I found out that lead singer Poly Styrene from the great punk band X-Ray Spex (the band that brought a saxophone to punk) had … Continue reading

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#361 Xenolith

Many many months ago, Sarah pointed out that I had a category for every letter of the alphabet except (at the time) Q & X.  Well, I thought I’d try to fill them in naturally, but I decided to do … Continue reading

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#360 Chippy

Today we went to Sarah’s Aunt Marg’s for what is typically a delicious Easter meal. Well, today Marg has a surprise in store for us: a petting zoo.  Although Pickles the pony was the big hit (Clark rode him about … Continue reading

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