Monthly Archives: December 2011

#246 Happy New Year’s Eve

Tabitha wore one of Sarah’s sweaters as a sweater dress.  She was quite the hit.

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#245 Tabitha’s Unicorn

I told Tabitha I was going to draw her a picture (with her beside me).  She said “a unicorn.”  And I said but of course.  All details courtesy of her.

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#244 Mohawk Hat

Clark has been talking about getting a Mohawk. Fortunately for him, just as he realized it would be very cold to do that now, he got this cool mohawk hat at a party.   Problem solved.

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#243 Car Carrier

This is a more impressionistic style, which I rather like.

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#242 Woah!

Watch where you’re going!

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#241 Salt and Pepper Shaker Birds

A beautiful set of Sarah’s.

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#240 Secret Visitor

Merry Christmas to all.

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