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#215 Holy cow, the force is strong!

Clark has never seen a second of any Star Wars movie, TV show or cartoon.  (I can’t vouch for books).  Which is appropriate for a 5-year-old, I think.  But after spending a long weekend with his cousin, he absolutely had … Continue reading

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#214 Taco

Yesterday I promised a picture of what it was like to come home to a house with the heat turned off.  But drawing people cold isn’t all that interesting, frankly.  So instead, I’m drawing a picture of the dinner we … Continue reading

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#213 What happens when you leave your spare key in the house…

…and your housesitter has your main key. …and she’s at work. …and it’s 7PM. …and 34 degrees out. …and your pizza is in the car getting cold. …and your kids are tired after a 6-hour drive. …and you are delighted … Continue reading

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#212 Sock Matching

The other day while folding laundry I had at least 7 single socks that did not match.  Which is absurd. As for the drawing, I really like the way the bed turned out.

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#211 Post Thanksgiving Pants

After a big meal, it’s time for all the old men to loosen their belts and maybe even unbutton the pants. Nothing dirty now, mind you .  I mean, come on, he tucks his sweater into his pants, apparently.

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#210 Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

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#209 Anticipated Thanksgiving Drive

Right after drawing #196, my idealized Thanksgiving drive, I drew this, my realistic anticipation for our commute.  By the time you read this I will likely be somewhere in the midst of that sea of red.

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