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#221 Better One? Better Two

I went to the eye doctor today and they used this cool machine to instantly determine my prescription.  I think being an eye doctor is the best choice of doctor.  Nothing too gross to deal with but lots of really … Continue reading

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#217 Obsolete Celebrity Photo

When I was a kid, Kiss would always try to hide their faces when they weren’t wearing makeup.  And in my head, there are tons of celebrity photos of just hands.  That doesn’t seem to be something that “famous” people … Continue reading

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#201 Strabismus Surgery

Poor Tabitha had bi-lateral strabismus surgery today.  I cringe just thinking about it.

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#125 I See You

I particularly enjoyed drawing this one.  The kids really had no idea what was going on, but I thought it was pretty cool.  I think this one came out better than the original.

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#309 Portrait

It always seems like I return to the basics when I’m not really sure what to draw.  But I always try to come at it from a different angle.

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#222 [insert “eye” pun here]

This picture started as a real doodle.  I was speaking on the phone to an old friend, and I do most of my doodles while speaking on the phone.  She said something about glaucoma, and I started drawing an eye.  … Continue reading

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