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#305 Sketch (Ski Cap)

I’ve been using this fine point for sketches for a few days and I kind of like it.  I tend to put a lot of details in my drawings and those larger point brushes make that hard to do. I … Continue reading

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#304 An apron for a real man

My friend Tony told me that although he enjoys cooking, he’s not the apron-wearing type.  So I tried to imagine just what kind of bad-ass apron I could make for Tony to wear.  Of Course.  Viscera!  And then I thought, is it possible … Continue reading

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#303 Monster doodle

We were reading a book about a kid who draws pictures (which come to life!) and I decided I wanted to try to draw a childlike monster/robot picture.  I rather like the paper and I think the robot and monster … Continue reading

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#302 Catalog Model

I ‘d been shopping for shirts and, apparently been absorbing all of the rugged men wearing their catalog clothes.  And this is what came out.  I’m not quite sure if I captured that “interested look” enough.

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#301 Lamp

I was working with a smaller brush…more of a pen stylus for this picture.  The entire lamp is done with this technique.  The wall and table (and the light beams) are with a larger brush.  And, actually I think I … Continue reading

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#300 Doodle

One of my most frequent doodles is a small shape that tends to expand around itself.  Once, I drew an entire sheet of this and it was accepted at my college’s arts magazine.  When in meetings I tend to start these (as I … Continue reading

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#299 uh, One… Two… Ten?

Because of some really lazy copying and pasting as well as who knows what else, it turns out that I have been mis-numbering these pictures for about six months. So, while right now this is numbered 287, it is in … Continue reading

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