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#67 Sunboy!

Defending gardens every spring!

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#254 Flatware Garden

In this short film Wurld, they stuck spoons into the ground and they looked interestingly like flowers.  I decided to run with that idea and create this little flatware garden.

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#35 Garden Helper

I was so taken with this picture of Tabitha (which Sarah photographed), that I felt compelled to draw it.  I’m quite pleased with it, although it really doesn’t do justice to the original.

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#207 One Last Sign of Spring

As Fall continues to display its many colors and smells; we know that winter isn’t far away.  Well, here’s a little piece of Spring to remind us of what’s underneath the snow.

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#86 Now that’s hot!

I had the idea of drawing heatwaves, and then thought I would just do some filters on the background (ocean ripple and glass combined).   And while I was thinking of that, an amusing image of a bug drinking an iced … Continue reading

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#67 Cornfield

I was going to take Gar’s suggestion and redo my recent tornado with the multiple layers and whatnot. Then I made that cool sky and the nice dirt, and I started putting in corn because I thought it would look … Continue reading

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