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#35 Dinosaur

Sarah got me this very cool Christmas gift–a picture of Abe Lincoln riding a dinosaur printed on a page from a dictionary (thanks Etsy).  This is my version of said dinosaur.

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#350 Pterodactyl

Today, April 29th, I made a pterodactyl that I hung up in the woods behind our house.  It looks better than this!

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#134 T Rex

Clark has this cool T Rex toy that stomps its foot and opens it mouth and all kinds of things.  I was going to leave it just black and white, but with all of the background lines, it grew hard … Continue reading

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#344 Raviloisaurus

Tonight we went to Alfonso’s, a nice Italian restaurant, and Clark ordered ravioli and a meatball (that’s a spicy meatball!).  Where he proceeded to wolf it down like the T Rex on his shirt (Take Human Bites!).

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#230 Tyrannosaurus

Sometimes inspiration arises from things lying right in front of you.  In this case, a plastic T-Rex.  Although upon further inspection I’d never have guessed this was a T-Rex.   I mean, look at the nose ridge, look at the … Continue reading

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#181 Clark’s game

Clark was playing this (unnamed) game which involved many things around the house.  By the time I finished this picture the game was over and I’m not sure what happened, but it was fun to watch.

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#127 Dancing Dinosaur

My last couple of pictures have been pretty out there, so I felt it was time to bring things back to reality a bit.

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