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#45 Oh for crying out loud

The dreaded surprise rainstorm on a warm spring night.

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#23 40 Days of Rain

Or maybe the hiatus was due to rain?

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#226 Raindrops in Puddles

Today (well technically tomorrow as I drew this on Sunday) it rained all day.  I like looking out the window and seeing puddles in the driveway fill with ripples.  That’s my way of knowing if I should go outside to … Continue reading

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#216 Road Block

There was practically a monsoon this morning by my house.  On my way to work I was greeted by this large tree, which had fallen across the road.  Luckily, on the left side, the tree had disintegrated and I could … Continue reading

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#189 Someone left their burger out in the rain [Clark’s new title: chewsandswallows]

Actually, it’s called “The hamburger of the falling rain” and it is Clark’s first attempt at using PhotoShop and the Wacom pen.  I’m very proud of him.  And, he told a very elaborate story…  Someone was on a picnic and … Continue reading

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