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#246 Volcano Onion

We rang in the new year by having hibachi with some close friends tonight.  And what’s the best part of hibachi?  The volcano onion!! Happy New Year everyone.

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#245 An early celebration

It’s almost New Year’s Eve.  Keep those flutes upright!

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#244(c) Night of Abstraction 3

This picture follows the same premise as (b).  There is no drawing, just effects.  Unfortunately, I closed the window and lost all the steps, so I can’t explain exactly how I did it.  It is virtually the same as the … Continue reading

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#244(b) Night of Abstraction 2

Unsatisfied with the many many names pictures, I drew my name again and then decided to put some Photoshop filters on it.  I liked it, but didn’t like the weird bits with my name.  So, instead, I made this picture … Continue reading

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#244(a) Night of Abstraction 1

I had no ideas for drawings tonight.  So I did what many people do when they doodle, I signed my name.  Then I signed it again. I estimate that I wrote the word Paul 275 times in this picture.  And … Continue reading

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#243 A Study in Contrasts

I have no idea where this picture came from.  I was stumped for an idea so I drew the guy on the left’s nose (that little “c”) and from there it blossomed into  this nonsense. Make of it what you … Continue reading

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#242 State of Emergency

What better way to extend a Christmas holiday weekend than with a blizzard!  New Jersey had a state of emergency, and lot of folks got hit hard.  We didn’t get all that much snow.  And by the time the outrageously … Continue reading

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#241 Christmas morning 8:30AM

Technically, we stretched out the gift opening until 11AM, but by 8:30, it was pretty close to this. Hope everyone has a happy Christmas.

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#240 Christmas morning 7AM

True, there were more presents and they weren’t quite so geometric, but you get the point especially when… [see tomorrow].

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#239 The Magic of Christmas Eve

Tonight on the way home from a party, the moon was enormous, hovering right over the horizon.  It was stunning. And Sarah said to me, I just imagined seeing Santa fly across that moon. Merry Christmas, everyone.

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