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#300 The daylight lasts longer now

On my way home from work, the setting sun was hitting these telephone wires and making them glow orange.  I’m bummed that I couldn’t convey it better.

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#258 A warm thought for a cold day

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#165 Mirage or Oasis?

Although I tend to overpopulate most of my pictures, I really like the simplicity of a picture like this.  Sure, there are Photoshop tricks involved, but it’s still pretty simple.

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#151 Clothesline

I’m not really sure what this is or why it would be drying on a line, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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#70 Overlooking the city

There are two locations where this could be set, although neither one would be accurately represented here.  I just like overlooking cities.

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#64 Fore!

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#56 Lightning Bug Evening

I let my neighbor’s dogs out tonight.  It was a gray overcast night (around 11PM).  The sky wasn’t midnight black, it was sort of gray.  And there was virtually no light in the yard.  So the trees were beautifully silhouetted. … Continue reading

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