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#32 Summer Starter

Today we went to a friend’s house and enjoyed their pool very much.  Clark loved going down the slide, but I think Tabby (aged 2 and a half) may have enjoyed it more!  We couldn’t keep her off the thing … Continue reading

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#31 Seahorse in Hiding

We went to a yard sale today and Clark got a seahorse.  He was so cute with the seahorse, that I felt compelled to draw one. The only effect on the drawing is that the yellow “chalk” lines are the … Continue reading

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#30 Not So Grouchy Oscar

Tonight, Clark (almost 5) and Tabitha (2 and a half) were playing together so nicely.  (We even overheard him say, “I love you, Tabby.”  Aw.)  As part of their fun together he drew her Elmo and Big Bird. He wanted … Continue reading

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#29 Netherwood

On the Raritan Valley Train Line, there is a station called Netherwood.  To my knowledge there is no town named Netherwood.  Rather, there is just an awesome train station with that name. Someday, when I am rip off Neil Gaiman … Continue reading

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#28 A Vulture Having Eaten a Hedgehog?

I had been planning on working with paths in Photoshop.  Paths are created with that little nib tool that looks like the tip of a fountain pen.  You dot the canvas and it creates lines that follow the path.  You … Continue reading

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#27 Plug

Tonight’s drawing is a plug because I want to plug someone else’s site (ha!). But first I’ll say that nothing fancy was used on this plug, just simple freehand drawing. The plug is for a site called One Drawing for … Continue reading

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#26 Giant Herbivore

I was planning to work with PhotoShop paths tonight.  But I also had this idea for a giant Brachiosaurus.  I couldn’t reconcile the two…  I just didn’t have the right shape down in my head for what the dino would … Continue reading

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#25 Ants in the House

We have ants in our kitchen and our bathroom.  They are consuming my life.  Yet I couldn’t think of a way to show me stepping on them from the ant’s POV that didn’t give sympathy to the little buggers. Now, … Continue reading

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#24 Cat on an Ironing Board

I’ve been having kind of writer’s block with these doodles lately.  So Sarah suggested I draw the cat on the ironing board.  Voila. Since I have done paintings in the past (including a still life that I’ll post here one … Continue reading

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#23 Spilled Soda

When I was bored in school (or at work meetings!), I would doodle.  But rather than drawing interconnecting boxes, I would draw things that were around me.  And often times, i would imagine a small scene that I could draw. … Continue reading

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