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#185 Prize-Winning Pumpkin

I won a prize* for a pumpkin that I carved which looked like this (only much better–I hope to have a comaprison picture up soon).  Happy Halloween everyone! *given by myself for “best pumpkin I carved this year.”

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#184 My “Rally for Sanity” Sign

This doodle page was never meant to be anything more than drawings.  But recent events made me want to address something else. I’m all for rebellion, and I believe that one should always be critical of people in charge so … Continue reading

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#183 Clark’s Game #3: Domino Train

Although he doesn’t play dominoes properly, he loves making trains of them.  Less fun: cleaning up the dominoes.

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#182 Blocks

I started this picture yesterday as a kind of follow-up to yesterday’s game picture.  But this is one I made up myself.  On finishing it today I think I lost the thread a bit.  Too bad, as the blocks shape … Continue reading

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#181 Clark’s game

Clark was playing this (unnamed) game which involved many things around the house.  By the time I finished this picture the game was over and I’m not sure what happened, but it was fun to watch.

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#180 An Autumn Sign of Spring?

On this balmy 70 degree autumn day here in New Jersey, this man’s thoughts turned to baby birds.

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#179 Mermaid Cutout (Happy Birthday Tabby)

For Tabitha’s birthday party, I made a wooden cutout of a mermaid, much like this one here. I wanted to see how close it would come to the original if I drew it from memory.  And I must say, it … Continue reading

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