Monthly Archives: November 2011

#215 Cranberry Pie

Tonight, Sarah made a cranberry pie for dinner today.  YUM!!!

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#214 Weekend warrior

I started to draw this guy on a piece of paper.  Originally he was younger, but in this version he came out just a little older.  And getting ready to do some Q-ing.

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#213 Blue Bird (ala Charley Harper)

Charley Harper makes amazing prints of animals (birds mostly).  His lines are clean and his prints are humorous, stylized and very cool.  This is a (very poor) attempt at emulation.

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#212a Untitled (Ash and Pikachu) by Clark

Clark has been asking to draw a lot lately, but he hasn’t actually done it.  Until today.  And I think his Pikachu is spot on.

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#212 In the Bubble Wand

A very nice day meant one thing: bubbles!

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#211 Sleepy kitty

Tonight, Leisl fell asleep on Sarah’s leg.  I’d never seen her perch herself in such a tiny ball.  It was very cute.

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#210 Good doggie

Not our dog at all, but sometimes color dictates everything.

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