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#124 Doll on Chair

I really enjoyed using a big fat marker and drawing things around the house for the kids to color.  Although we don’t have a doll that looks like this, it was fun to imagine one on our kitchen chair for Tabitha … Continue reading

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#123 Log Flume!

While we were on vacation, I started drawing pictures for the kids to color in.  Sure, coloring books are neat, but it seemed like even more fun to draw pictures of things that we had done and to let them color them … Continue reading

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#122 Cat Pose #2

I also like it when the cat sleeps on her feet.  In the dark room, this is what I just saw.

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#121 Cat pose 1

Cats are fun to draw.  If not for their crazy poses, then for their color schemes.  We have an all black cat with white paws and bib. So, when she does the ever popular playing-the-cello pose, this is what you … Continue reading

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#120 Sea serpents?

I went for a run this morning.  When I ran past this one field, it looked, briefly, like a bunch of sea serpents or long-necked dinosaurs in it.  The grass was incredibly tall and littered throughout the field was a flock of … Continue reading

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#119 Fog

When I woke up this morning the fog was so incredibly thick.  I’m a big fan of fog (despite the low visibility issues). I just think it’s a very cool phenomenon.

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#118 Zombie!

My friend John observed that my blog had “zombie” in the name.  It’s actually a blog that I guest write for.  But he inspired me to put a zombie in this blog.  I don’t normally do pictures like this here, … Continue reading

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