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#33 Hippie Robot

We read a story about a robot going berserk.  And, being the hippie that I am, I decided to draw a robot enjoying nature instead.  Nod to Bugs Bunny and co. with the robot wearing Chuck Taylors. (drawn 6/4)

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#303 Monster doodle

We were reading a book about a kid who draws pictures (which come to life!) and I decided I wanted to try to draw a childlike monster/robot picture.  I rather like the paper and I think the robot and monster … Continue reading

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#200 I.M.A. Robot

In our house, when you put a colander on your head (which you do quite often) you must say “I am a robot.” in your best robot voice. Even robots in our house must wear a colander.  (Tough rules here).

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#141 Robot, Dancing (Although, Interestingly, Not Dancing The Robot)

I started to draw this robot because Clark went to a Robotics demonstration today (okay, technically tomorrow, as I am drawing this on Saturday).  The demonstration had nothing to do with this type of robot, but this is what you … Continue reading

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