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#124 Jesse

Tabitha has been really loving Jessie from Toy Story 2 these past few weeks.  And, since Clark got a Slink Dog, Tabitha shall have a Jessie. She was considerably harder to draw than slinky dog, just for the record.

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#123 X Marks the Spot

Clark asked me to make a picture so he could play X Marks the Spot.  Our communication wasn’t 100%, but he enjoyed this game for a few minutes. I made a box with a white X in it.  Then he … Continue reading

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#122 Zipline!

Now, escape from bad guys with super speed on the backyard zipline!

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#121 Pictures from Our Vacuum (#32 Flintstone Vitamin (Dino))

I have no idea how Flintstones became the spokespeople for Vitamins.  Their own health is rarely called into question, so I guess they’re as good as any. We do not use these vitamins, but I always wanted them as a … Continue reading

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#120 Pictures from Our Vacuum (#31 Gotcha, Too)

Catching dad in the bathroom?  Good spy camera, good spy camera.

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#119 A Broken Bulb

With nightlights, you are always changing bulbs.  But you can also see when the filaments break, so that’s something, I guess.

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#118 Pictures from Our Vacuum (#30 Diary)

And if you had a super secret spy camera, wouldn’t you want to see if you could read your sister’s diary?

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