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#277 Inspiration (30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 16)

Probably not what the challenge creator had in mind.

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#276 Family Picture (30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 15)

I don’t often draw people, at least in sketches.  And I’m not sure if I’ve ever drawn Sarah before.  This picture is not based on any photo, it’s all from my head.  While I don’t think any of the faces … Continue reading

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#275 Favorite Fairy Tale (30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 14)

We recently saw a performance of The Princess and the Pea by a single man and several puppets. It was really magical.

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#274 Comic (30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 13)

Whereas all of the other challenges have been quite specific, this one was delightfully vague.  It just says comic.  Is that favorite comic?  Is that make a comic strip?  Do something comic?  Or is it stand-up comic?  Does anyone even … Continue reading

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#273 Recent Accomplishment (30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 12)

I have been swimming at least 3/4 of a mile at least 5 days a week for over a month.

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#272 Turning Point in Your Life (30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 11)

The day that Sarah gave me my Wacom tablet was a huge turning point in my life because it meant that I would be drawing almost every night for almost two years now.  It’s a great feeling.

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#271 Favorite Candy (30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 10)

Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger (Bart Simpson is still the hip and cool spokesman, right?)

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