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#51 Black eyes

Trying a kind of painterly technique of big brush strokes

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#22 Forced bulbs

Sarah forced some bulbs this season and the first one just bloomed yesterday.

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[GIMP #5] Tulip with rain

Sarah took a beautiful picture of a tulip with raindrops on it.  This attempt shows just how bad my recollection is.  I didn’t look at the picture when I recreated it here.  And, wow, it’s not even close.  Perhaps tomorrow … Continue reading

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#343 Easter egg hunt, I think

I drew this a few weeks ago and forgot to post it.  Is it Easter eggs or spring flowers?

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#252 Dandelion

Wrong time of year for a dandelion, I know.  But I enjoyed the technique I used for coloring the previous picture I drew (technically the picture for 1/7).  But it doesn’t work at all for this one.  I think there’s … Continue reading

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#33 Hippie Robot

We read a story about a robot going berserk.  And, being the hippie that I am, I decided to draw a robot enjoying nature instead.  Nod to Bugs Bunny and co. with the robot wearing Chuck Taylors. (drawn 6/4)

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#126 What’s Up(side dowN?)

The new issue of McSweeney’s features a scene with people swimming under a street.  This inspired me (sort of) to imagine what it would look like from a view under ground. Now, this proved much much more difficult than I … Continue reading

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#68 Dandelion

I had started to draw a pompom and it looked enough like a dandelion, that I decided to go with that instead.  It’s basically just a large yellow circle with Sprayed Strokes and a bit of blur on it. The … Continue reading

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