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#32 Clothespin

I would never have guessed that a clothespin would be so difficult to draw. (drawn 6/5)

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#31 Cat close-up

I saw a photo of a cat in a magazine today and it was very very close-up.  It was so close it actually took a moment to realize what it was.  It looked an awful lot like this. (drawn 6/14)

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#30 Hobby horse

I wanted to explore some of the techniques I had been using with shading.  It seemed like a fun idea to use the two colors for better distinction. (drawn 6/14)

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#29 Negative Space

It’s fun to leave to see how much you can leave out and yet still know what it is.

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#28 It Makes Me Itchy Just Looking at It

One of the main pitfalls in summer is poison ivy.  (drawn 6/7)

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#27 Desktop Tableaux

I looked down on my desk and saw an arm grabbing a hippo.  I realized that when you keep picking up toys and other things and putting them on your desk, you get some funky images.  (drawn 6/7)

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Clark’s Solar System

Clark also made an excellent solar system.

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